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Mens Wing Chun classes

Men train in co-ed adults' classes that are one hour long, comprised of thirty minutes of: forms, warm-up shadow sparring drills, and blocking, punching, and kicking drills. The next thirty minutes everyone gets to practice applications of techniques on a partner. Form training is a series of movements done in a specific order which are composed of basic kung fu movements and apply wing chun principles like force going forward, redirecting energy, and flowing smooth movements. Drills are composed of different techniques done repetitively in order to refine your technique and make it a reflex action. People of all ages and fitness levels are shown how to defend themselves against attackers of all sizes. Wing Chun Kung Fu students learn how to deflect an attacker's energy with simultaneous blocking/striking techniques. If you are looking for the leading wing chun school on the Mornington Peninsula then you've found it! Fitness, self-defence, stress relief, confidence, heightened awareness, increased speed and power are just some of the benefits of training wing chun. Come and try a free trial class and see for yourself firsthand!

Wing Chun Kung Fu Men training

Mens classes times

  • 6.00pm - 6.30pm Beginner / Adult Class
  • 6.30pm - 7.30pm Adults Class