Wing Chun Kung Fu

Most people choose to train Wing Chun as a martial art as opposed to tae kwon do, karate, or another style because it's the most effective and efficient martial art system in the world while simultaneously being easy on the joints and body since it deflects forceful punches and kicks rather than clashing with them. Some train because they're die-hard martial artists or fans of Bruce Lee and Ip man who popularized Wing Chun. Some people train at our academy for self-defense, others for fitness, stress-relief, improved confidence, coordination, focus, discipline, to socialize, or just for fun.

Womens and Mens classes

Some of the benefits of training wing chun are self-defence, fitness, stress relief, confidence, heightened awareness, and increased speed and power. 'Through discipline you create good habits in your life and a humble spirit. Practicing wing chun empowers people and helps them attain greater wholeness.'

If you are looking for martial arts on the Mornington Peninsula, come and visit Wing Chun Universe in Hastings for a free trial class and see the benefits of Wing Chun for yourself! For more information on mens' class times or womens' class times call us today.

Childrens classes

Wing Chun Hastings academy has simple and fun kids programs specially designed to improve your child's focus, discipline, concentration, coordination, reflexes, self-confidence, respect, and ability to defend themselves when necessary. These skills will benefit them, at school and at home, for the rest of their lives.

We welcome parents to bring along their girls and boys to try out a free class and start benefiting For more information on childrens classes times call us today!

Wing Chun Universe, Hastings

Wing Chun Universe Family

Master Joe Sayah began training wing chun kung fu directly under Grandmaster William Cheung at age nine. In 2001, he was certified as a red sash Master, the youngest person in the world to attain that degree. He's been teaching and touring internationally for 25 years and began teaching in 1999.

Our academies have a very high standard for our instructors, who are all certified under Master Joe Sayah. Our instructors are highly qualified and skilled in wing chun techniques, principles, and philosophy. They have great people skills combined with high moral standards. Moreover they make their classes fun and exciting! Please read the section on Wing Chun kung-fu for more on the advantages of training this martial art style!

Wing Chun Universe Philosophy

Drawing of IP Man

The aim of Wing Chun Kung Fu is to develop physical, mental and spiritual awareness. These elements transcend you to a higher level of life. Self awareness, self respect and a duty to serve should be the goal of life in every martial artist. Meditate on these principles and make peace on your study of Kung Fu, a way of life.

When fear is removed, the arrogance of uncertainty is dispelled. Therefore, it is no longer necessary to prove yourself in any form of combat. By learning how to fight, you learn how not to fight.